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Democracia em um pas com 74% de analfabetos funcionais (dado do IBGE, ndice da parcela da populao incapaz de interpretar textos) d certo? Acho que no. No d tambm para fazer teste para tirar ttulo de eleitor. Porque a elitismo. Edit: I underestimated Caddy UK sales a bit. During 2008, 171 Cadillac's were sold in the UK (including 12 STS and 9 SRX premium models). In South Africa by contrast, in just the seven months between Jan and July 08, 301 Cadillacs were sold (including 17 STS and Caterpillar excavator track link suppliers 17 SRX); in March 2008 the highwater mark of 104 Cadillacs sold was reached!.

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And you can't keep Tater Salad at that temperature.She and I got into another argument about the temperature of the dwelling and she took a butcher knife and slashed the tires on my truck. So I dug up an old Polaroid of her and entered it in Hustler's "Beaver Hunt" contest and she won. And I used the money to buy me some new tires, and she super glues my dick to my stomach, so you see how things get out of hand? [scratches himself in the middle of the chest] Still itches.[imitating his cousin Ray on hunting deer] "Well, it was 4 in the mornin'.

The film, using a holocaust for entertainment, claims that the atom bombing of Baltimore wouldn't be really that big a deal. We see some burnt cars and an overburdened emergency room, as Jack Ryan tries to get to a telephone to forestall World War III. I'm not giving away the ending to say that there's no too permanent damage; we overhear as an aside that the fallout blows out to sea (that's a relief!)..