Best Dive Bars In Austin Texas

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And maybe it's more of the lack of music halls in the state that is creating all the hoo-rah about Buster's. Jon Bodine, the talent buyer for Buster's and college friend of the Cases, said the venue was opening up in an underserved market, and crazy tshirts it made sense they were getting so much attention.

Now, you were there last Wednesday and there was your ex. The two of you'd broken up several weeks ago. She was a seriously jealous type. Well, while you were up there singing your heart out on "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or something like that, she got a hold of your phone and deleted every female name from it, including your mom and grandma.

Plan B (626 Vanderbilt Avenue, bet. Park & Prospect Pl. Prospect Heights, BK) : This bar has great wings and food. Don't miss out on the wings or the garlic and parmesan fries (YEA!!). Bartenders and Landtees owner are extremely engaging and likeable. Friendly Prospect Heights location because so few places in this part of Brooklyn will be watching the game and actively rooting!!! Several flat screens, plenty of cocktails and a good beer menu.

Do not let the "hotel bar" image seep into your mind just yet, Catacombs bar is one of the best places to hang out and have a few drinks. Catacombs has tried in recent years to shed its 'dive bar' look with brighter lighting and a few updates but still has a ping-pong table, a few arcade machines, pool tables, and $1 well drinks.

Another midtown hot spot is Celtic crossing. This is a local favorite it's similar to a t-shirt country in Boston. The crowd is savvy and friendly, you can grab a burger a beer and even a live concert. It has the makings of an all night one-stop spot.

Of course the game can be good at home but ain't it much better among a pack of enjoyable (not necessarily rabid) fans. Okay So I have several spots most of them that I haven't reviewed before to see the game.

Not only that, but being such an "authority" to your female clients is a big turn on for them, so its usually not a big stretch to become intimate with the girls you train. (Though it may not be the best for business!) A good side effect of being a personal trainer is that it gives you an excuse to stay in shape, which in turn can make it easier to attract women.

I had made it to the final table in the Doyle Brunson Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament and was sitting at a table that included celebrity poker regular Danny Masterson, World Series of Poker Champion, Landtees Jamie Gold, President of the Screen Actors Guild, Alan Rosenberg and a few other industry heads who knew the game well. What the hell was I doing here?