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Namely we consider 1, whether the offering will be accretive to book value per share, net of offering expenses. 2, whether we have a good use for the capital to deploy into new loans. And 3, whether we can accomplish the offering while maintaining our target leverage ratio and thereby avoid a significant drag and the ability of the portfolio to cover the dividend.While the first of those criteria simply whether an offering is accretive to NAV could be measured at the time of the offering, the latter 2 criteria can only be evidenced later after results come in.

cheap iphone Cases iphone Cases I gave this cable to my wife to test, sheis extremely rough on micro USB cables, she has gone through cables from Anker, Belkin, StarTech, Cables2Go, and many others. When ToughTested said they were confident their cable would outlast the others, I was of course skeptical. Most cables last barely a month, the longest lasting is the Anker PowerLine+ which lasted just about two months before it was having issues iphone Cases iphone Cases

iphone x cases While the iPhone 6 took China by storm in 2014, models since have received a more muted response. Wait for a drop in price, it too expensive, said Angie Chen, 23, a project manager in Nanjing and iPhone 6 owner. Ms Chen said she might even wait for the new phone successor, when prices will fall.iphone x cases

iPhone Cases sale Cases I would also throw in my two bits for QSC K12 or Yamaha DXR 12 if iPhone Cases sale you need more flexibility for small gigs (both have RCA inputs if it a set and forget "DJ" gig with an iPod). I have personally poured water out of a K12 two years ago during a festival, still works perfectly to this day. The other one fell off of some subs (about 5 foot drop, acting as front fills) and again, no real damage other than a scratch..iPhone Cases

iphone x cases Google also has a very different approach to setting goals and rewarding achievement. We set goals and measure progress every quarter, not once a year. We set impossible goals and achieve many of them. The pieces (techniques to power, manage, cool, monitor, and secure the facility) don't make a data center unique. But the entire whole does. How the data center is managed overall creates the value to clients. How you get there goes back to the unique feature set of each data center..iphone x cases

cheap iPhone Cases sale Cases Among the crowd favourites was Al Jeffrey's 2005 Softail Deluxe, a blue and white bike the former Kamloops resident has been customizing for the past six years. "Basically the only thing that's factory is the frame," said Jeffrey, as he listed the many custom touches on his Harley. Jeffrey, who now lives in Okotoks, Alta., has poured more than $65,000 into the upgrades cheap iphone Cases..
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