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In astronomical terms, a "Trojan" is a body which co orbits with a larger body at the same distance from their primary. Thus, they share the same orbital period as the larger body. Trojans can persist at two locations in a larger body orbit, called Lagrangian points.

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The Negev costs $1700. If you are down 2 rounds on CT, or even T, all you need to do to win is armor;Negev. The worst part is they were saying it was "ez" even though i was one tapping 2 or 3 of them before dying to the spray of the 4 negevs. In both stories, the all mighty god (Jupiter or Zeus) tossed both of them into the night sky, where they would remain safe forever. So the Great Bear is Callisto. The Little Dipper is Arcas.

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Sort of like how when two students answers to an essay question are a word for word match, even though they are on opposite sides of the room. You know that they studied together and prepared their answers. Now imagine that the answers they supplied were based off of a stolen earlier draft of the test.

Contemporary stone stackers, then, are taking up the mantle of an ancient and artistic tradition. In the past decade or so, though, there has been an explosion of cairns around the world in national parks, in the Scottish Highlands, on the beaches of Aruba. Park rangers, environmentalists, and hikers have all become alarmed, to varying degrees.