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Features and Capabilities: It is important that automation technologies rise above just controlling modules that are individual are capable to incorporate along with other systems most typically activity since that can be an area of high use of any house owner. Example: Simple Integration with Multi-room musical Systems, Multi-room multimedia distribution systems (films, Videos, images, Music)...etc.
Investment Protection: it is vital to ensure that installed Controller or Modules can be easily changed in the future. Consider having set up something that has some components fail after 5 years, and also at the time that is same the business which installed it became bankrupt. The home owner could be kept with no choice but to totally revamp the complete system that is electrical the residence which would cost more with time, labor, and equipment that what was originally paid for the automation system. Having a system that is standardized means that any other business can help it or change parts that are certain different items, possibly from various vendors, so that you can ensure continued operation.
Interoperability: This criteria identifies the capability of this Controller to speak to modules that are multiple different manufacturers. This can make sure that a system is composed with Lighting, HVAC, Curtains, Appliances, and Multimedia Control Modules are purchased from different manufacturers that are the best or many specialized in those industries. This means that something has the best-in class Modules for every purpose that is particular. It's not rational that the manufacturer that is best of light dimmers can be the most effective maker of curtain control systems, or audio systems. Some interaction protocols are closed or proprietary, hence forcing the customer to get everything from a manufacturer that is single. This criteria also overlaps aided by the Investment Protection Criteria since having an system that is interoperable give future flexibility to easily replace Modules whether or not the organization which installed them has closed down.
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Irrespective of software, digital video is generally modified for a setup with sufficient disk area. Digital video applied with standard DV/DVCPRO compression occupies about 250 megabytes each minute or 13 gigabytes per hour.

Digital video possesses significantly lower cost than 35 mm film, due to the fact tapes can be viewed on location without processing, and the tape stock itself is extremely cheap (about $3 for the 60 moment tape that is miniDV in bulk, as of December, 2005). In comparison, 35 mm film stock expenses about $1000 per minute, including processing.

Digital video is employed outside of movie generating. Digital television (including higher high quality HDTV) started initially to distribute in most developed countries in early 2000s. Digital video can be found in modern phones that are mobile video conferencing systems. Digital video is also used for online circulation of news, including streaming video and movie distribution that is peer-to-peer.

Various types of compression occur for serving video that is digital the net, and onto DVD's. The file sizes that result are not practical for delivery onto optical discs or over the internet, with codecs such as the Windows Media format, MPEG2, MPEG4, Real Media, the more recent H.264, and the Sorenson media codec while DV video is not compressed beyond its own codec while editing. Essentially the most widely utilized formats for delivering video over the internet are MPEG4 and Windows Media, while MPEG2 is used nearly exclusively for DVD's, supplying an exceptional image in minimal size but resulting in a advanced of CPU consumption to decompress.