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Do something about your fitness level. Boxing training is work that is hard. It is intense. If you're fat and lazy - you are going to get your ass handed to you on your own first time and you'll produce a terrible impression on everyone there. Before walking into a destination where you are going to train to fight - head into someplace where you can expect to do something about your level of fitness/health very first (or try my Commando that is online Boxing Transformation (CBBT) Program for Men or ladies).
Learn how to leap rope/skip. Not totally necessary - however if you've never jumped rope before - you will invest exactly what appears like an eternity whipping yourself and tripping throughout the rope. Take a moment alone to figure out how exactly to skip - also at a level that is basic you are not a total freak show at the gym.
Purchase your very own equipment. You can use gear that has been sweated in and perhaps washed or you could show the coaches that you are severe sufficient about learning boxing that you have gone out and bought some gear. All that's necessary is a rope that is skipping$3), handwraps ($4-$8), and bag gloves ($20-$50), and water container ($1). Shorts, T-Shirt and shoes that are running fine. Place it all in a gym bag and show up searching the part (fake it till you allow it to be...). Read the Commando Boxing Store for the boxing equipment.
Take a buddy. It does help if you choose someone else who's in the same boat as you are. At the least you should have someone to talk to in-between rounds. Don't pair up it comes time to do partner skill training with them though when. You'll learn more from an individual who understands something.
Choose the winning attitude. Never walk into the club until you know you need to fight someday. Grab yourself mentally ready for exactly how challenging and intense working out will be. If you go in convinced that you will simply check it out and see how it works out - then there is a good possibility you won't ever return back. Initial day within the gym is rarely a super experience that is positive. You will feel somewhat ignored and inadequate. Push throughout that though and there are rewards on the other hand.
Be consistent. If you should be likely to join - commit and join. Show up no matter what. Never miss a class. The trainer may have zero time you are sporadic for you if. Boxing skills take time and repetition to be nature that is second. If you aren't constant it's a certain sign to a trainer you aren't actually focused on becoming great within the sport.
Ease into fighting. If you're joining a hybrid club - it is not a bad concept to join the physical fitness classes first. They are often taught by the coaches that are same train the fighters and that means you'll discover the practices correctly, develop some rapport, and it surely will provide a while to adjust to how a club works and get yourself into fighting shape. Then - when you are ready - you can ease into the hardcore fight training.
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For a note that is final remember that the coaches and trainers within the fight clubs are looking for boxers who have the prospective to win fights.

The harder you work, the greater dedicated you are, the faster you learn, therefore the more heart you show - the greater amount of time the coaches/trainers will have for you personally.

You must prove yourself worthy in a boxing club - no trainer or coach will probably waste their time with someone who doesn't devote 100% work at every work out. Them you are willing to do the work and show them you have the potential to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the ring, they will focus their efforts on you if you prove to.

Exercise fads come and get. If you do not trust me, stay up after midnight watching the parade of information commercials on television. Most of them focus on the latest hot trend for shaping up. Some health clubs do offer boxing classes, but they may only view it as a temporary trend. The classes will be offered only as long as gym management thinks that what their customers will demand boxing training in other words. If you want to do training for the long run, determine if the gym offers the course for a regular, on-going foundation. This is important if you should be likely to put your cash down. Fitness center subscriptions are oftenn't cheap, and their agreements are hard to break.