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Episode Choose Your Story is actually a mobile game, based on your Choices. You may read/play a story through your tailored character (as on your own in the story). It is actually more likely a likeness game based on your choices. That suggests the characters in the stories will definitely function as per the option you have actually provided to take action. Considering that this is actually a simulation video game, Episode Choose Your Story gives you a chance to "Live" those stories by presuming "You" as a personality in these stories. Every story possesses its own special personalities and you need to have to personalize your personality for each new story you participate in. The choices you create in the video game is going to directly effect on the in-story circumstance; that implies you are actually absolutely ruling the story based on your choices, learn more.

The Function of Gems and Comes On the Game

Gems and Passes are actually the in-game unit of currency of this particular game. Our team require all of them to move-on in the video game.


Gems are actually used to make certain choices which are vital however effective in the stories. These selections or choices are extremely important as they may take your story with joy and happiness or even they can easily also wrecked it in a solitary option. This is the reason these choices are spent ones and our team need to have to devote certain quantity of Gems so as to choose that particular selection.

Gems are likewise used to open different stories for you. You may likewise use gems to customize your character in the story with desirable outfit and physical body look.


Passes are nothing but your ticket to read/play the sections of the episode. To review one phase in the video game, you need one elapsed. The phase is a collection of story episodes coming from begin to the end.

There are actually numerous bona fide techniques to get these gems and masquerades complimentary in your profile and keep proceeding your stories in the video game. Allow our company take a look at exactly how to get free gems and passes for episode choose your story game, Find Out More.

Write Your Own Stories & Get Paid From Episode:

Performed you understand, the various other option for organizing your own money to acquire passes and gems is to end up being an author in episode family and get a chance to get some true money for yourself.

Yes, you may also create some exciting stories and obtain released it on the video game effortlessly. Only begin composing your own stories utilizing Episodes Mobile Producer and after creating number of episodes, transfer your story to the activities Article writer Gateway Website for small enhancements and ultimate permission.

The moment your stories are actually approved, they are actually right away posted on the video game application. Having said that, there are particular terms to become a spent writer at Episode, those are:

You need to be at the very least 13 year old to begin your composing with episode.
You should go to least 18 years of age to make money for your stories.
You should have your personal personal computer or even laptop computer along with net hookup to create your stories.
A smart phone for the screening of your stories.

Command Your Emotional states-- It is actually an Activity
We should certainly not neglect that nevertheless it's a video game and our company are associating with the characters of the virtual game and certainly not with the true personalities of your lifestyle. Because many of the video game users are actually below the ordinary age of 25, the feelings and expressions they have experienced in the stories are actually occasionally sad and mood turning.

It is actually highly highly recommended that you should control your own self coming from getting associated with the circumstance of the game in any type of price. Nothing at all is more important than your individual lifestyle.

The game has actually also devoted a certain portion of its help segment to Safety and security Concerns. Do not overlook to review this segment first.

Final Words
Today we have actually found out the genuine episode hack and cheats to break out gems and passes in the game. There are considerable amounts of real and official means our team have described so as to get complimentary sources for your profile instantly.