The 6 Essentials And 39 Principles of Business Freedom

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Welcome to My Business Freedom, where we help you the business owner reshape your business to make more money while you work less, stress less and enjoy more freedom. You'll learn effective strategies for growth and proven solutions to increase the value of your business. And you'll learn how to create and attract better options for your exit strategies.

You can join us online at Now here is your host, business advisor and freedom fighter for the entrepreneur.

I hope you and your business are doing well. This episode, we'll look at the 6 essentials and the 39 principles that go along with them. This is going to be important as it outlines to you the keys to freedom at least as I see it. It'll give you they framework to start thinking about your freedom island vietnam or to point you in the right direction, the direction that can get you off the treadmill and make the smart choices to give you the freedom in your business.

39 Principles of Business Freedom.

Creating and achieving business freedom. It's more than just an idea. It's essential. And it is totally achievable.

Certainly from my experience, thousands of business owners have done it, I've done it. Several times.

And I'd like to help you do it in your business. Don't get me wrong, business freedom is not for everybody. Most people never even start their own business and many of the people who do don't want freedom from their business. They get so worked up and wound up working in it, that they just often don't think that they can get freedom from their business so they give up trying. And they find themselves, at some point in time, on what I call the treadmill.

The business owner's treadmill.

From my experience, these people are slaves to their own business. Running their business but really, they are slaves working in it because they are trapped in it.