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Either way, the Browns acquired a force on the defensive line that possibly be stopping the run and drawing double-teams. Taylor's size (6'3", 334 lbs) support you him bowl over any undersized offensive lineman while the Browns are hoping he's done gaining kilos. The double-teams he'll draw should release the defensive ends to rush the quarterback. It isn't a glamorous pick yet it's one the Browns needed to make.

In incredibly AFC Wild Card match-up, the surprising New York Jets traveled to New england to get the AFC East champion Patriots. The Jets, who beat Northeastern earlier this season, were capable of winning this game, and can even have had a bit of edge: had been one hungry team. But in the end, Tom Brady and the Patriots became too noticeably. The Patriots easily handled the Jets and advanced.

The Falcons will check out Washington on October 7 to face the Redskins. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will face Washington's rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Heisman trophy winner out of Baylor. The Oakland Raiders travel to Atlanta a good October 14 meeting in the Georgia Dome. The Raiders, after a mediocre 2011 season, will be led by new head coach Dennis Allen. October 21 is a bye week for Woodstock. The Falcons check out Philadelphia perform the Eagles on October 28. The Falcons won their last matchup this season.

And there you have it, my break down of the up-coming games this weekend break comes closer. I will undoubtedly give updates and be on the look out for my Super Bowl preview coming in a little while. In other NFL news, Tony Dungy has retired after 7 years as the actual top coach with the Colts. He was your initial African-America head coach november 23 a Super Bowl. The Cowboys are thinking about the relieve Terrell Owens and have previously said these people are not actively in order to re-sign Tank Johnson, this is also make him a free agent capable to sign with any team who enjoy him. The chargers are considering a trade of LT, with his recent injuries along with the outstanding play of younger but very talented running back Darren Sproles.

Atlanta may play the AFC East this current year (Miami, New England, Buffalo, New York Jets), while San Diego gets can be East (Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, and brand new York Giants).

Led by young and talented QB Matt Ryan (3,440 yards passing, 16 TD's last season), the Falcons could a deep run the actual world NFC playoffs this season if all of the chips belong to place.

Ben Roethlisberger - The Steelers offense is in shambles. There is still no solid running game in Pittsburgh, this kind of week, Big Ben will also be relying more on one among the Steelers' rookie wide equipment. At least until LeVeon Bell returns from injury, Roethlisberger is much more a fantasy football beginner.

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