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When it comes to Becoming Code signing carried out on code you've created, you've probably always used the normal digital signing procedures. After allthey supply the level of security that you need.

If this sounds like you, Until you continue to use the normal level of code signing you constantly have, you might want to look into Extended Validation (EV) code signing. It does have benefits the normal level does not.

Higher degree of security -- While the normal code signing you are used to Is definitely secure, Extended Validation code signing is even more secure. This is due to the private key attached to the digital signing being saved with a third party instead of with the code. That makes it impossible for malware or hackers to infiltrate and change the code.

This alone will ensure Your customers are even happier using your products, as they will be guaranteed they're totally secure.

No security warnings -- Contrary to with less secure products, your Clients won't ever have to think about warnings popping up about security problems since they're installing your products.

Because of Extended Validation Code registering, your products will set up warning-free.

This can give your Customers more confidence in the products that you sell them.

Extra security That's cheap -- You may think becoming Extended Validation Code signing would be costly. After all, it gives your code a higher level of security than normal code signing.

That is another advantage to Using EV, however, as the cost to have code signed that way is affordable.

Up to now, you can upload Your code into the website offering Extended Validation code signing, and have it Signed in just a few minutes. Yet the price is under $50 per file.
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