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, sport involving a series of riding and roping contests originated from the working abilities of the American cowboy as established during the second half of the 19th century to support the open-range cattle industry in The United States and Canada. Although its advancement as a sport took place primarily in northern Mexico, the United States, and western Canada, rodeo's appeal is global.

The charreada of Mexico is a comparable competition that evolved from the haciendas of colonial Mexico; its rodeo-like events are typically not timed but judged in terms of artistic merit. Trevor Brazile competing in the tie-down roping event at the National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, 2010. Eric Jamison/AP Rodeos (from the Spanish rodear, "to surround") outgrew the work and play of 19th-century American cowboys and their Spanish-Mexican antecedents.

As the cowboys' occupation was curtailed in scope by the railroads and by the fences that marked completion of the Open Variety era, the contests became regular official programs of entertainment. Numerous places claim the difference of being the very first place to hold a rodeo in the United Statesamong them Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1872 and Winfield, Kansas, in 1882but such early contests were merely exhibitions of riding and roping skills and not the highly arranged shows that modern rodeo ended up being.

Prescott, Arizona Area, held the very first annual rodeo on July 4, 1888. Organized by a town committee, it consisted of public marketing, admission charges, and championship rewards, establishing the place as a real competitive spectator sport. Prescott was followed by significant yearly rodeo venues such as Cheyenne Frontier Days (1897 ), the Pendleton (Oregon) Round-Up (1910 ), and the Calgary Stampede (1912 ).

It was among the most egalitarian of American sports in the early 20th century, typically including Hispanic, African American, Native American, and female contestants in an age when race and gender discrimination were prevalent. For instance, Mexican technique- and fancy-roper Vicente Oropeza and well known black bronc-rider and steer-wrestler Costs Pickett won acclaim in the arena, as did Native American bronc-riders Tom 3 Persons and Jackson Sundown.