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The American Alpine Institute offers a versatile program that includes 7 days of snowboarding or riding, while checking out numerous different backcountry and sidecountry places in Hokkaido. Hokkaido, JapanJanuary-February9 Days (7 Days of Skiing/Riding)$ 3190A snowboarder enjoys white smoke powder. Liz DaleyThis is a skills- and objectives-based course in which we will climb up Mt.

For people who have intermediate to advanced touring experience and moderate to advanced riding abilities, a ride down Mt. Baker will be a trip you'll always remember! Mount Baker, WashingtonMay - July3 days$ 695A skier in the North Cascades. Andy BourneThis 1-day course is created for those who have little or no backcountry snowboarding experience and wish to discover the basics.

When on the snow, you'll learn specific methods for moving through pristine backcountry terrain. North Cascades, WADecember - March1 DaysStarting at $200 (3 individual min.), pricing noted in 'Details and Dates' A skier skins uphill in the Mt. Baker backcountry. Scott Schumann" One run in the backcountry is worth 10 in the front nation." This is so frequently stated that it has become a cliche ...

Come and join us on our 2-day clinic created to take you beyond the essentials and get you ready to go even more, greater, and steeper. North Cascades, WA; Eastern Sierras, CA; San Juan Mountains, COJanuary - April2 Days$ 375 (3 person min); Personal trip prices listed in 'Details and Dates' Among the snow-covered huts at the Alpine Lakes High Camp.

Roll out of bed, pull on your boots and struck the snow!Stevens Pass, WADecember - MarchVariesVariesA splitboard in uphill ski mode. If you liked this article so you would like to receive more info pertaining to Best Splitboard Bindings kindly visit the web site. Andy BourneUse of a splitboard allows snowboarders to quickly reach places that just a couple of years ago were just been accessible to skiers, without the added hassle of bring snowshoes.

Mt. Baker backcountry, WashingtonDecember - April2 days$ 365A skier delights in backcountry surface. Lyle HaugsvenAmerican Alpine Institute has a wide range of winter season programs available to teach you the skills you need to travel through the untracked backcountry. A number of these programs dovetail together and you can flow from one into another with minimal down-time.

North Cascades, WADecember - MarchVariesVariesCamp at the base of a winter season ski objective. Justin WoodYou understand about moving through the backcountry, and you've taken an Avalanche Course. Now take your winter travel to the next level with this course on winter season overnight abilities. North Cascades, WADecember - April2 days$ 375 (minimum 2 participants) Demonstrating making use of a Rutschblock Test to figure out slope stability.

The first day of this three-day program is in a class in a nearby city or town followed by two days in the field. Backcountry skiers, splitboarders, snowshoers, climbers and snowmobilers would all benefit from this training. WashingtonDecember - March3 Days or 2 Nights and 2 Field Days$ 435 - $685, Area DependantDiscussing surface choices.

Focusing on snowpack, weather, and terrain assessment, the course builds decision-making skills and grooms trainees for management in the backcountry. Mount Baker backcountryDecember - March3 days$ 460A skier coming down the couloir below Liberty Bell Peak. Liz Daley This course is created for individuals who have little to moderate experience in outside rock/alpine climbing and ski touring or splitboarding.

Mazama, Washington PassMay4 Days$ 790A skier gains the rewards for his climb with an exposed descent. Mt. Baker, Washington. Ben TraxlerDevelop the technical abilities and judgment needed for snowboarding on complicated glaciers, while doing some of the finest snowboarding available in the lower 48 states. Discover crevasse rescue, roped snowboarding techniques, snow anchor building, rappelling, and belaying skills as they apply to skiers in glaciated surface.

Erin SmartIn our five-day Extreme Snowboarding Course, as a strong alpine skier, you will improve your "severe" snowboarding technique and become a positive big mountain skier and reach lines that need using a rope and an ice axe. North Waterfalls, WAApril - May5 Days$ 1190A skier sculpting a telemark turn near Red Mountain Pass, Ouray, CO.

The low density continental snowpack and the short-lived storms combine to make the Colorado backcountry one of the most popular locations for ski touring in the US.San Juan Mountains, ColoradoWinter and Spring1 day and up$ 340/day for 1:1 Crossing the Argentiere Glacier. Tim ConnellyOur high path through the heart of the Alps is amongst the most picturesque alpine trips worldwide.

Chamonix, France to Zermatt, SwitzerlandSpring8 daysCost differs By Place United States - Alaska United States - Washington United States - California United States - Nevada United States - Colorado United States - Utah Canada - British Columbia South America - Argentina South America - Bolivia South America - Ecuador South America - Patagonia South America - Peru Europe - Alps and Caucasus Asia - Nepal and Tibet Asia - China Asia - Japan Africa - Tanzania Pacific and Antarctica By Program Type Instructional Courses Group Summit Climbs Up Expeditions Skills Explorations Private Guided Programs Treks, Tours, & Backpacking Corporate Outings & Solutions Federal Government & Military By Activity Rock Climbing Ice Climbing Alpine Climbing High-Altitude Climbing Trekking and Backpacking Skiing & Snowboarding Guide Training & Rescue Avalanche Training Departure Month July August September October November December Difficulty Level Novice Moderate Intermediate Advanced Extremely Advanced x.

Utah's backcountry skiing in the Wasatch Mountains beyond Salt Lake City is amongst the best on earth we are popular for the "Greatest Snow in the world." We provide assisted ski trips in Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyon that will take you to the really best powder that these first-rate canyons provide.

We've have a collection of fantastic split board and ski guides to lead these incredible tours. Our guides have more experience in this surface than almost anybody. They know where the very best snow is and will guarantee that you get to experience it. If you have actually never ever skied or snowboarded in the Wasatch Mountains before, these classics will get you up high to the very best views of the range of mountains with the shortest approach.

These tours appropriate for newbie tourers and likewise include guideline and tips on using the devices and skinning methods as needed. The skiing includes mild, rolling terrain suitable for a large range of capabilities, slopes with low avalanche danger, and ideally, a taste of the famous Utah powder. Trip will be roughly 1,500 3,000 feet of climbing and riding.more details Easy 1,500 to 2,500 vert.

Specific tours will differ based on conditions and customer requests, however the focus will be on experiencing the Central Wasatch and going where the very best snow can be found. A number of these trips begin in Little Cottonwood Canyon, followed by snowboarding down into Big Cottonwood and eventually working our method back up and over into Little Cottonwood once again.

1 12 Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons 7:30 AM December to March $450 $275 each $200 each One unmistakable appeal of ski touring in the Wasatch Mountains is the ability to connect multiple peaks, drains and slopes in the exact same day. Advanced Tours will concentrate on covering a broad variety of terrain and seeking wherever and whatever the very best snowboarding of the day may be.